So I’m not sure how to tag asks/answers on my phone but I got some good questions that I just answered on my opinions on things so you guys can check that out. Also I feel so awkward in this tag because I missed out on a lot while I was gone. Hi guys missed y’all or like half of y’all….

somethingreallyirrelevant asked:

You asked for questions, so: A) are you for or against the DP in U.S. v. Tsarnaev and why? If not the DP, what do you think the best punishment would be? B) What are your thoughts on whether or not Dzhokhar would be able to get a fair trial in this case considering all the media attention? C) Since you mentioned it, what are your thoughts on the Zimmerman case? D) I love your icon!

Ooh good questions haha. I kind of answered A in my last post but as for what I think the punishment should be is beyond me. To me, I would want to know his true intentions. If he really was under the influence of Tamerlan than I would probably lean towards DP. Yeah he could get parole, yeah he could life in prison but neither of those make his future look so bright. Out of prison he’ll be in hiding for the rest of his life and we all understand what his life will be like in prison. With DP, it’s kind of like a clean slate for everyone in a weird way. If he did it out of hate towards American Government, I’d keep him in jail. Yeah our government is shitty but the victims didn’t deserve the backlash and he doesn’t deserve a peace of mind. I wanna be careful what I say because I don’t want to contradict myself but there does come a point in this case where depending on his intentions punishment based on revenge is well deserved.

I stopped keeping track of the medias attention because it made me feel uncertain of where I stand. Like I said before the only thing that matters to me in this case was his intentions. What he “allegedly” (for those still in deep denial) did was awful but I heard that in Boston they’re slightly sympathetic towards him and it’s hard not to be. I’m close in age to him and it’s just hard to think that I could do something like that without some kind of influence so I’m really glad that people are kind of understanding about that. For those who still blame the fact that he’s Muslim are too ignorant to even discuss. That’s something that does bother me in media, they really should learn how to humanize Muslims and understand that the religion is not murder. But other than that I could care less about media attention because most of it is shit they say to get good ratings.

Wether or not he has a fair trial depends on the jurors honestly. They could search the country and they won’t find one person who isn’t slightly biased so those jurors are gonna walk into the courtroom already know their decision so that’s gonna be tough for the defense AND prosecution. I don’t think it will be fair for Jahar or the victims. It’s all a matter of the juries opinion tbh.

C) the Zimmerman case was fucking bullshit. In the case that he really was defending himself, it would be more understandable but he wasn’t. The cops told him to leave Martin alone until officials arrived and instead he did the exact opposite. He abused his power (not that he had any to begin with) and honestly if some dude was coming at me for no reason I’d fight back too. Zimmerman was a murderer who had a kickass defense team and he didn’t deserve it. He doesn’t care about what he did, he’s basking in the fame right now. Florida system is fucked and honestly I’m ashamed to live here. That’s mostly all I can say because it’s a sensitive subject for me. As for the racial part of the case I think it’s an interesting argument but it’s irrelevant, the media lacked focus on the self-defense argument to focus on race and it backfired. I have a theory that if the case never got to national fame then Zimmerman would stayed in jail. But the jury was under so much pressure from all the media and I think that had a huge effect on their decision. I also hate how the trial feeds off of media. All it did was make Zimmerman a celebrity, the jurors who came forward got their 15 minutes with interviews and shit and for everyone else it just gave them an argument to use against the stand your ground law. I personally believe it was just another case where they cared more about the reaction from their decision than serving actual justice.

That’s all :)

Anonymous asked:

so since there is some discussions on the death penalty today... what do you think? against or for it? and why?

Oh yay questions :) my opinion on the death penalty is love-hate. I ranted about it the other day and this is what I believe: the death penalty should be used for justice, not revenge. It’s hard to draw a line between the two when it comes to the death penalty but it’s still possible. The biggest issue with the death penalty is that some believe it’s inhumane, but I think they don’t know what they’re arguing for. Electric chair and hanging by a noose is inhumane. However it’s been years since the US has practiced that and personally I believe lethal injection is fairly humane. I think what’s inhumane is killing those who kill. An eye for an eye, right? But how can anyone argue that life sentence is anymore humane? You’re not killing but what’s the point? It’s almost like emotional torture. They can’t die, they just have to sit in a gray 8x8 room for years upon years with literally nothing to do except constantly reflect on their crime. But the difference between the two is that DP is used for revenge and life is looked at as punishment or justice. In complete respect to those who are die hard against death penalty, I believe it’s necessary in some cases. For instance Jahar. Most of you guys are against because you believe it’s inhumane which is completely understandable but honestly he doesn’t have a chance in hell at parole so his options are death or a prison cell. He’s 20 years old, that kid has so much life left in him but if he gets life in prison then his time stops now. He is who he is for the rest of his life. What’s the point? Yeah his family will be affected and that’s the sad part but their visits are restricted, unfortunately it’s not like they’ll get that much time with him anyways. The way I see it, the court is either going to feel sorry for him (which is why defense is focusing on Tamerlans influence) or they won’t. If they want to punish him, then let him sit in a jail cell for the rest of his life. If they just want this entire situation to be over with then give him DP, everyone - the victims and the culprits - will all be at peace. I know that’s an unpopular opinion and it’s really twisted but the reality of it all is that sometimes death is better than living without life. In general, my opinion of DP varies depending on the case. To me it all comes down to which path is justice and which is revenge.

Okay so my favorite topics are death penalty and justice in the court so y’all can do with that what you will in my inbox like tbh I came back on to discuss literally anything like if ur still pissed about the zimmerman case we can talk about that or like anything just give me a reason to be back on this tag honestly